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Wherever you stay, however you travel and whatever you do on tour, you can be sure we’ve checked that it meets our high safety standards. We engage the use of the Government travel website, Safe Travel, and make certain that all potential risks are outlined and travelers give informed consent to be exposed to any risks. The key is in identifying & managing risks then setting out consistent standards & processes to be adopted by all members of staff, suppliers or third parties who provide any part of your tour.


While dealing with youth and student travel, we feel even a greater responsibility to ensure participants and us as a unit understand and deliver the value of Responsible and Sustainable tourism. With this in mind we even started CAS and Service Learning programs focusing on minimizing negative social, economic and environmental impacts and generating greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities.

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This stands us apart from other travel based businesses, as we are dedicated to school travel, sports travel and learning based experiential journeys. Our team handles each query and tour with personal attention. We give ample time to every tour so that we can listen, plan and execute as per the expectations.


Enjoy the benefit of your specific details and requirements as we make day wise travel plans after consulting with you and considering comfort, enjoyment and budget factors into account. Our team carefully selects and offers activities, destinations and give a comparative study to let you chose the best available option for your group. This process gives you the flexibility to choose dates, number of people traveling, duration, activities and all under your budget.

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