Melsh Sports Tours is the name that brings the world of sports and tourism together on global platform. Started by a group of sports and travel aficionados, Melsh envisions of making sports an active part of contemporary education paradigm. The company specialises in meticulously designed and highly customised international sports tours for students of progressive and innovative schools, sports academies and clubs. Besides tailor made sports tours, we offer high intensive sports coaching clinics, and tours to International youth tournaments. All Melsh programs aim at ensuring holistic physical, mental and social development of students by expanding their learning experience beyond the class room walls. Our Adventure sports take you into the world of experiential sports journeys where one can learn, train and experience some of very niche adventure sports. We strive hard to offer a perfect mix of outdoor learning, adventure and excitement in each tour we undertake so that a meaningful and memorable experience can be ensured. With a profound commitment to create a niche in the field of sports tourism and experience based learning, team Melsh is passionate to usher the idea of modern sports development in a new era of learning evolution.

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As far-fetched as any plan may sound, it isn’t uncommon for sport lovers to plan their lives around world sporting events these days. But hey, that’s not only sports tourism we are talking about. There’s more to it when the teams travel to different destinations and play their favorite sports with similar age groups in their home conditions and exposed to their infrastructure and culture. Our role is to give all the peace of mind by taking care of all the hassles of ticketing, accommodation, meals, transfers, hospitality and of course sports logistics and let you just enjoy fulfilling your passion.

Sports Tourism is defined as a specific travel outside of the usual environment for either passive or active involvement in competitive sport, where sport is the prime motivational reason for travel and the touristic or leisure element may act to reinforce the overall experience


It is the best opportunity for schools to improve student’s team building skills by sending them on a sports tour and allowing them to play against International schools or club teams. Develop interpersonal skills and positive sportsmanship as students interact with their local host students and experience a different sports infrastructure, skills and culture. Not many schools or sports coaches realize that sports tours are equally responsible and important for the overall development of any sportsperson as it gives an extension of skills, International exposure and playing with highly competitive teams with different skill set. While on a sports tour, any teams not only represent their school but also their nation. If you are still thinking or have any doubts, we are just a call away, discuss with us the various possibilities of customized tours, coaching clinics with best in the sport or world class youth tournaments.

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