Melsh Sports tours invite you to one of the best water rafting destinations in Himalayas. Camping, rafting, kayaking, yoga, bonfire and barbeque nights are just to give you a glimpse of what you may experience when you choose our water rafting experience. We also have annual rafting challenges where you can participate in teams and along with rafting do running and cycling challenges. Trekking, yoga and volunteering are few of many other activities that you can add on.


Although there are many rafting options in India and outside India but we wanted to choose Rishikesh, about 250 kms north from Delhi. Rishikesh – a destination like no other. It offers way more than any destination anywhere – be it Camping or River Rafting down the Ganges river, White Water Rapids, the World Yoga Capital is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.


Our “special” feature drives through most of western Ladakh, monasteries, palaces, villages, hikes and travel to one of the most surreal places on the planet. Undoubtedly a classic, this journey to the last truly lost horizon of our shrinking planet – Zanskar, the “land of white copper” is a trip of a lifetime.


White water rafting
Kayaking for 12 years and below
Raft building & survival drill
Trekking, hiking
Camping, bonfire & BBQ dinner
Cycling in mountains & wildlife
Yoga at river side
STEM workshops in Himalayas for school groups
Volunteer & community service at a local village
Time: October-June

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