The great American experience is about so many things: bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and redwood forests, restaurant-loving cities and big open skies. America is the birthplace of LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York City – each has a million different notions of culture, cuisine and entertainment. Sports in the United States are an important part of the country's culture. The National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Hockey League (NHL). Sports are particularly associated with education in the United States, with most high schools and universities having organized sports. We offer exclusive and specialized camps with pro NBA coaches and chance to meet ex players like Gary Payton, Michael Jordon.


New York, Los Angeles, Florida

Training camp with ex NBA players/coaches

Trained & interact with NBA legends

Play against USA junior teams

Experience a live NBA game

Strength & fitness sessions

Optional New York, DC tour

Disneyland, US tour

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